Saturday, August 14, 2010

I may sound  very weird I know!
I want to do so many things as my thoughts flow
If only I could
I would have changed every rule,
For every star there would be a moon
In every name there would be fame
And every man would get
A chance to win a game.

There would not be any caste or creed
People would not know what's greed
Love would be the prime passion
Everyone's true compassion
The world would be a paradise
Everything that is there would suffice.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love enough!!

Isn't this a wonderful morning?
With the rain singing love songs...
The cool breeze touching my body
Is  tickling my emotions.

Whenever I feel loved
My senses entangle with my soul
The depth of those feelings
Are so deeply enamored.

My face would glow instantly
And my eyes would sparkle
I could feel my cheeks warming
And my heart  snuggle.

Oh! What a surge of emotion
What a heavenly bliss
If one feel loved enough
Would willingly seize any grief !!